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Paid Social (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn), Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, Automation, Organic Social, Paid Search, SEO, Display Advertising, Conversion Optimization, and Analytics.

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Whether you are focused on acquiring new customers or retaining existing customers, I am here to help you grow your Ecommerce business.My goal is to provide you with VP level marketing strategy as well as hands on expertise across various digital marketing channels. I will find revenue growth opportunities and either work with your team to implement the opportunities, or implement them myself.In addition to working broadly across digital marketing channels to find and implement revenue generating opportunities, I focus specifically on automated email marketing with a subset of clients, improving AOV, order frequency, and LTV.

The Process

We will create a process that works for your business. The typical process includes:1) Meeting to discuss your marketing goals
2) Free high level audit of your existing digital marketing and a quote for the project
3) Prioritized list of opportunities
4) Meeting to review the opportunities and discuss which opportunities your team will implement and which opportunities I will implement

Jason McBurney

About Me

I've been a part of the Vancouver Ecommerce space for the past 10+ years, working for companies such as Clearly.ca, Shoes.com, and SPUD.ca. I have been lucky enough to work across a variety of digital marketing channels including paid social (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn), email marketing, SEO, and paid search. Most recently, I worked as VP of Marketing for SPUD.ca, where I oversaw marketing and web product development.Two years ago, I decided to shift paths and focus on Ecommerce consulting and teaching. If you are looking for help with your Ecommerce business, I would be happy to grab a coffee and have a chat!


- Paid Social Advertising (Facebook Advertising, Instagram Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising)
- Influencer Marketing
- Email Marketing and Automation
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- Paid Search Advertising
- Display Advertising
- Conversion Optimization
- Analytics
- Budgeting
- Financial Analysis

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